Why Szczecin?

More and more investors value Szczecin. There may be many reasons – like wonderfully developing key industry sectors or improving connections with the rest of the country and Europe.

But one of them is crucial – it is a perfect place to live and work.

The residents and investors love the city

since it is unique, perfectly situated and the only of its kind. And we are investor friendly. Next to an indisputable charm of the city we alway stress investment advantages of Szczecin:

  • excellent location – at the crossing of routes of all transport types. It is an important international transportation junction on the route of the trans European transport corridor North-South from the South Scandinavia via the Oder route, Czech Republic, Austria to the ports of the Mediterranean. It is on the route connecting Russia and Finland via the Baltic Sea with West Europe.

  • Szczecin A rating published by FitchRatings Agency, which reflects careful management of finances, improvement of operational expenditures, good employment indicators and moderate debt level.

  • mYoung, dynamic and creative residents and availability of highly-qualified employees using foreign languages – services provided in 16 languages!

Office buildings

For the last years Szczecin has become one of the most popular location for BPO, SSC and ICT centers and the Szczecin office market has been developing rapidly. The present situation is good for the lessees who can choose among many available top standard office spaces.

Real Estate

The city offers for sale hundreds attractive real estates situated in various places of the city, perfect for those willing to build a house or develop their company. Thanks to cooperation with the city one can buy a building lot directly, saving time, without extra costs and agents. Visit www.miastooferuje.szczecin.pl and see how easy and cheap you can buy land from Szczecin municipality. Easy procedures, good prices and sure transactions.


Szczecin is situated at the crossing of all types of transport routes. It is an important international transport centre. More and more logistic companies value this perfect location. Among others, there are warehouses of Amazon (161 thousand m) and Zalando (130 thousand m) and Szczecin is becoming one of the largest logistic centres of Poland.

The latest Market Insight report by Colliers International Polska Szczecin confirms that we have become the leader of the northern Polish warehouse market, and the latest research from consulting companies predicts that the demand for warehouse space in Szczecin will be growing.

Special Economic Zone

In Szczecin there are special economic zones: Euro-Park Mielec Special Economic Zone and Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic Zone. There are investment areas available and ready to buy on the territory of sub zone Euro-Park Mielec.

The sub zone has areas prepared for industrial development and the start of the business activity in the sub zone is facilitated with the introduction of the comprehensive procedure of project service One Stop Shop, reducing the time of the investment implementation.

A company may also benefit from the public aid, among others the income tax exempt in reference to the borne investment costs, or co-financing staff trainings.

Sites in Trzebusz and Dunikowo have full technical infrastructure: electricity, water supply system, sewage system. They are situated in the right side of Szczecin, 1 km to A6 motorway, 3 km to S10 expressway, 13 km to S3 expressway, about 25 km to Polish-
German border, about 20 km to Szczecin center.

Perfect connection with the rest of the West Europe is guaranteed by nearby airports - Szczecin-Goleniów airport 30 km and two Berlin airports 140 km.

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